I Have A Jio Sim Card. I Am Suddenly Not

The video is about using the internet during a call with a SIM card. To solve any connectivity problems, go to network SIM and network settings and adjust the preferred network type. If using two SIM cards, it is not possible to keep both active during a call. To boost internet speed, turn on Airplane mode and enable dual 4g. To manage your Jio account and access Jio care, go to the MyJio app. If you are unable to make or receive Wi-Fi calls, make sure your device is updated and Wi-Fi calling is turned on. The tutorial is specifically addressing Jio calling problems and provides instructions on how to fix them.

It seems like you're encountering an issue with your Jio SIM card where you're unable to use the internet while on a call. This can happen because some network settings prioritize calls over data, especially in areas with poor coverage or older network technologies.

To fix this issue, you can try adjusting the network settings on your phone. You can go to the SIM card and network settings and change the preferred network type to prioritize data during calls. If you're using two SIM cards, it may not be possible to keep both active for data during a call.

Another method to potentially improve internet speed during calls is to turn on Airplane mode and then enable dual 4G if your phone supports it.

You can also check for any updates for your device and the Jio network settings. Additionally, if Wi-Fi calling is available on your device, enabling it might also help maintain data connectivity during calls.

If the problem persists, reaching out to Jio customer support through the MyJio app or their customer care service might be helpful to troubleshoot the issue further.

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