I Encountered Technical Difficulties While Attempting To Access The Gwu

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses during a given semester or summer session must submit a Complete Withdrawal Form. The deadline for complete withdrawal from all courses is the end of the semester or summer session. Courses dropped beginning the first day of classes are subject to the university refund schedule, which governs prorated cancellation of tuition. Withdrawing from a course may affect full-time status for students living on campus with a low number of credit hours. Late withdrawal requests are processed by the Registrar's Office and returned to the student's college or school. If a class is dropped after the fourth week, it is considered a withdrawal and will appear on the transcript with a grade. Refunds of Non-Title IV funds can be requested through GWeb. Students are asked to notify their course professor and etladmin@gwu.edu if they drop a course within the first two weeks of class. Admitted applicants must attend GW, submit an enrollment fee, and withdraw applications from other schools. Candidates who accept a job offer must notify the OCR staff to be withdrawn from the program. Students in the Rehabilitation Counseling program at GWU can apply for licensure after completing 75% of the program.

Given the technical difficulties you encountered due to a recent change in your phone number, resulting in the inability to receive the necessary verification code, it's important to address this issue with the university as soon as possible.

It seems that the withdrawal process may be influenced by different factors, such as the time of withdrawal and the impact on your academic status, as well as specific procedures for late withdrawal requests. I strongly advise reaching out to the Registrar's Office at GWU to explain your situation and seek guidance on how to proceed, including any necessary steps to address the technical difficulties affecting your ability to withdraw from the course.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to notify the relevant course professor and the GWU administrator at etladmin@gwu.edu about your circumstances, especially if you are within the time frame for notifying them (typically within the first two weeks of the class or as specified by the university's policies).

I understand that this may be a complex and time-sensitive matter, and I recommend that you prioritize reaching out to the university to seek help in navigating this process.

If you need further guidance on how to craft this communication or require additional information on the withdrawal process, feel free to let me know.

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