Hvordan Bliver Beboernes Identitet På Et Forsorgshjem Påvirket Af Implementeringen

Michel Foucault's concept of power is associated with his conception of knowledge and science. Power and knowledge are intertwined, as "truth" is defined by them. In his theory of power, Foucault describes power as a ubiquitous phenomenon and characterizes it as a exercised power, in which no individual can be. In their book "Creating a Client", Järvinen and Mik-Meyer focused on the process of clientization that occurs in the meeting between individuals and welfare institutions. In the first part, they explain a understanding of power, which is based on concepts and theories related to Michel Foucault's understanding of power. Asterisk interviewed sociologist Nanna Mik-Meyer, who notes the changing nature of social work and the importance of care and presence. Foucault, in particular, had a keen understanding of the characteristics of power in modern liberal societies. In relation to Järvinen and Mik-Meyers' theory of clientization, identity is constructed through public... by Michel Foucault, Nanna Mik-Meyer, Kasper Villadsen. In his explanation of this power, Foucault notes the necessary power present in social work and the immediate application of this power. The theoretical and analytical works

Foucault's theory of power and knowledge is deeply intertwined, defining "truth" as designated by these constructs. Power, in his view, is a ubiquitous phenomenon and is exercised through an intricate and pervasive network, rather than possessed by any single individual.

Nanna Mik-Meyer and Kasper Villadsen, in their book "Creating a Client", expound on the process of clientization that takes place in the interaction between individuals and welfare institutions. They draw heavily on Michel Foucault's concept of power in their understanding of the dynamics at play.

In the context of welfare institutions, the process of clientization and the construction of identity are closely linked to power dynamics. Foucault's emphasis on the modern liberal societies' power characteristics forms the backdrop to understanding how power is manifest in social work, and how it is immediately applied in this context.

This intersection of Foucault's theory of power and the dynamics of clientization, as described by Mik-Meyer and Villadsen, provides a framework for examining the complex interplay of power, knowledge, and the construction of identities within the context of welfare institutions.

Based on this, we can see how the implementation of the new homeless reform can influence the identity of residents in a shelter, the adaptation of social workers' approaches, and the political discourse surrounding homelessness in Aarhus Kommune.

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