Hvilket Sykehusavdeling Som Hånterer Pasineter Med Lengere Sykehusopphold Og Ernæringsrelatertr


The text discusses using a simple survey to assess the food and drink intake of patients in relation to their calculated needs. It also mentions that patients with special dietary needs, such as diabetics, may have longer hospital stays. These patients are at risk for weight loss and malnutrition following illness and treatment, and may have increased needs for certain nutrients. The text also highlights that prolonged hospital stays and higher rates of mortality may occur due to inadequate attention to basic patient needs. Additionally, patients with depression and anxiety may have longer hospital stays and lower quality of life. Elderly patients, those with cancer, and those with infections were found to be particularly vulnerable to longer and more frequent hospital stays and higher mortality rates. Lastly, the majority of patients with acute pancreatitis have mild cases and are able to be discharged after a short hospital stay, while those with severe cases may have longer stays.

Jeg fant dessverre ingen spesifikke sykehusavdelinger som er dedikert til pasienter med lengre sykehusopphold og ernæringsrelaterte behov. Men ofte er det kliniske ernæringsavdelinger eller enheter innenfor sykehusene som tar seg av pasienter med spesielle ernæringsbehov, inkludert de med lengre opphold. Det kan være lurt å ta direkte kontakt med sykehuset eller helsevesenet for å få mer presis informasjon om dette.

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