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In summary, the text snippets discuss sports news and live coverage on various UK sports, including football, F1, cricket, and rugby union. Additionally, there is a focus on sustainability in sport and the harmful effects of pollution on athletes and wildlife. UK Sport Chair Katherine Grainger expresses frustration with the pollution in the UK's waters and calls for accountability from water companies. The article shares a social media post from an open water swimmer raising awareness about the issue.

很抱歉,由于BBC Sports的网页是动态的,并且我的搜索功能无法浏览实时网页内容,因此我无法直接提供网页的内容。如果你需要获取有关该网页的信息,建议你直接访问链接并阅读其中的内容。如果你需要我就任何特定主题提供信息,请随时告诉我。

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