How Was The Experience Of The Chinese Railroad Builders Similar

The transcontinental railroad was built from 1863-1869 with the help of around 15,000 Chinese workers who were paid less than American workers. Despite facing discrimination and harsh working conditions, these workers proved to be vital in completing the project. They were often pitted against other immigrant groups, such as the Irish and Germans, and were perceived as unskilled by railroad officials. However, through their hard work and perseverance, the Chinese immigrants played a critical role in the innovation of the transcontinental railroad. Unfortunately, many of these workers lost their lives during the construction process, yet their contributions were significant and should not be forgotten. From this project, researchers have given a voice to the Chinese workers and their story is told in upcoming books.

The experience of Chinese railroad builders was similar to other immigrant groups in several ways. Like many other immigrant groups, the Chinese workers faced discrimination and were paid substantially less than their American counterparts for their labor. Additionally, they had to endure harsh working conditions while contributing to the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Furthermore, the Chinese workers were often pitted against other immigrant groups, such as the Irish and Germans, and were viewed as unskilled by the railway officials. Despite these challenges, the Chinese immigrants played a crucial role in the construction of the railroad through their hard work and dedication. It's essential to recognize and appreciate the significant contributions made by these workers and the sacrifices they endured during this significant project.

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