How To Transfer Data From Iphone To Macbook

The text provides instructions on how to quickly transfer files wirelessly from an iPhone to nearby devices or a Mac using AirDrop and iCloud. It also mentions using the FileMail mobile app for file transfer between an iPhone and Mac. To use AirDrop, the file needs to be opened on the iPhone and then the Share button needs to be tapped. The recipient device can be selected from the AirDrop menu. The iCloud Drive feature also allows for automatically keeping files up to date on all devices. Overall, the text provides various methods for transferring files between an iPhone and a Mac.

To transfer data from your iPhone to your MacBook, you can use AirDrop, iCloud, or a third-party app such as FileMail. With AirDrop, simply open the file on your iPhone, tap the Share button, and select your MacBook from the AirDrop menu. You can also use iCloud to keep your files up to date across all your devices. If you prefer a third-party app, FileMail is a good option for transferring files between your iPhone and MacBook.

Use the Finder to share files between your Mac and your iPhone ...Use the Finder or iTunes to transfer data from your previous iOS ...

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