How To See Uv Marker With Iphone

Many people have shared videos of using UV lights on various devices, and there are tips available on how to view UV on your Mac or phone camera. Some have done research on how phones and UV/IR light interact, but with no significant results. A quick way to check the UV Index is by using an iPhone, and you can do this by covering the flash bulb with tape. You can also do this on an Android phone with the LED flash. An LED flashlight cannot show actual UV light, but you can see a blue glow. To test this, you need a smartphone with an LED light and something that can block UV light. An app is available that can store your hourly UV exposure history on the Apple Health app. To check the LED flash, you can shine it on objects like a highlighter and compare it to an image.

To view UV marker with an iPhone, you can cover the flash bulb with tape. This method effectively blocks visible light but allows UV light to pass through, making the UV markings visible. Keep in mind that this method may not be suitable for all types of UV markers, so it's best to test it out to see if it works for your specific marker.

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