How To Manage High Performers

Tips for managing high performing employees include offering praise and reassurance while also encouraging them to acknowledge the contributions of others. Delegating tasks and demonstrating trust are also key tactics. It's important to give clear expectations and consistently provide constructive feedback to high performers. Keeping them challenged, providing development opportunities, and defining goals and expectations are also effective strategies. Additionally, managers should take a supporting role and prioritize understanding their interests and promoting self-care. Training and delegating tasks correctly are also essential. To effectively manage high performers, focus on reaching goals and collaborating together, using brainstorming and asking questions.

Managing high performers involves maintaining a delicate balance of providing support and guidance while also giving them space to excel. Here are some tips:

  1. Offer praise and reassurance while encouraging them to acknowledge the contributions of others.
  2. Delegate tasks and demonstrate trust in their abilities.
  3. Clearly define expectations and provide consistent constructive feedback.
  4. Keep them challenged by offering development opportunities and defining clear goals.
  5. Prioritize understanding their interests and promoting self-care.
  6. Train and delegate tasks effectively.

Remember, it's essential to maintain open communication and collaboration to ensure a positive and productive work environment for high performers.

Please don't go. How to hang on to your high performers.10 Tips on Managing High Performers | Effective L&D

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