How To Manage High Perfomers

The text provides tips for effectively managing high performers in the workplace. These include offering praise and reassurance while also encouraging them to acknowledge the contributions of others, demonstrating trust by delegating tasks, giving clear expectations and consistent, constructive feedback, keeping them challenged but not burned out, providing development opportunities, and focusing on reaching goals together. The importance of investing in their development, aiming for continual progress, and understanding that management is not always easy is also emphasized. Finally, it suggests getting to know the interests of high performers and encouraging self-care to support their success.

Managing high performers involves recognizing their contributions and offering meaningful feedback. Ensure that they feel valued and appreciated for their work, and provide opportunities for growth and challenge. Trust is crucial, so delegate tasks and maintain open communication. Remember to understand their individual goals and aspirations to better support their success.

Please don't go. How to hang on to your high performers.10 Tips on Managing High Performers | Effective L&D

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