How To Check Pdf Resolution Using Foxit Reader

This text discusses several steps for changing DPI settings and resizing pages in Foxit PDF Editor. It mentions the option to choose "Application" or "System (Enhanced)" for changing DPI settings and saving the changes. The next snippet talks about using the Print feature to access the editor and choose the DPI or resolution when printing a document. Additionally, there are instructions for using the PDF Optimizer feature and the Measurement tool for fine-tuning settings. Other options such as smooth text, image resolution, and the Object Inspector are also mentioned. Each step is described in detail with instructions for completing the desired result.

To check the resolution of a PDF using Foxit Reader, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the PDF file in Foxit Reader.

  2. Go to "File" and select "Print."

  3. In the print dialog box, select the Foxit Reader PDF Printer as the printer.

  4. Click on "Properties" to open the printer properties dialog.

  5. Here, you can adjust the DPI or resolution settings for the PDF.

  6. After making the necessary adjustments, click "OK" to close the printer properties dialog.

  7. You can then see the effects of the resolution changes in the print preview before actually printing the document.

By following these steps, you can check and adjust the resolution of a PDF using Foxit Reader.

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