How To Calculate The Quantity Of Brick For 9inches Thickess

This text discusses how to calculate the necessary number of bricks and bags of mortar for a masonry project. It provides instructions on how to determine the dimensions of the wall in feet and how to find the number of bricks needed by multiplying the area by 60 and adding 10% for wastage. It also suggests using a brick calculator tool to avoid overspending or under-ordering on materials. The text also includes tips on converting brick dimensions to feet and calculating for different types of walls. It mentions a video tutorial that demonstrates the brick calculation process.

To calculate the quantity of bricks for a wall that is 9 inches thick, 3 feet high, and 1 foot in length, you can use the following method:

First, convert the thickness of the wall to feet. Since 9 inches is 0.75 feet (9 inches / 12 inches per foot), the thickness of the wall is 0.75 feet.

Next, calculate the area of the wall. The area of the wall can be determined by multiplying the thickness by the height and length of the wall. In this case, the area would be 0.75 ft * 3 ft * 1 ft = 2.25 cubic feet.

To calculate the number of bricks, you can use a standard factor of 60 bricks per square foot. So, the number of bricks required would be 2.25 cubic feet * 60 bricks per cubic foot = 135 bricks.

Additionally, it's recommended to add 10% for wastage, so the total number of bricks needed would be 135 bricks + 10% = 149 bricks (rounded up).

Keep in mind that these calculations may vary based on the exact dimensions and type of bricks being used.

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