How Much Was Avarage Hotel Price On Oahu 2000

Honolulu is an expensive city to stay in, with its average rate increasing from $121 to $124 in 2001. El Paso is the least expensive city among 46 others. Hotel room prices have risen over the years, with the average cost for a room in Oahu Island being $112.34 in May 2000 and $204.04 in 2000. Total expenditure per person also increased in 2000, except for spending in Oceania and Europe which decreased. It is unlikely to find a hotel room for only $36, but it is possible to find decent accommodations if two people share a room. A budget of $2000 for a 5-day stay in Waikiki may be realistic, considering the average RevPAR (revenue per available room) in 2019 was $190, and in January 2022 it was $233. The average home sales price in Urban Honolulu rose by 5% to $731,000 in 2020, with a limited number of homes for sale.

The average hotel room price on Oahu in 2000 was approximately $112.34. Please note that these figures are historical and may not reflect the current pricing or availability. For the most accurate and recent data, I recommend checking with reliable travel industry reports or historical archives from that period.

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