How Many Registered Apprenticeship Programs Are Available In Texas In

In Texas, there are multiple types of Registered Apprenticeships in various industries such as construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. To receive funding, these programs and apprenticeships must register with the DOL Office of Apprenticeship. This program supports employers and job seekers by preparing workers for well-paying jobs and is supported by DOL. The South Texas College STEM Registered Apprenticeship Program serves communities in the Rio Grande Valley and will launch in three areas in fall 2023. In addition, Texas offers affordable and high-quality education with over 200 programs, including university transfer and job training. There are currently 1557 available apprenticeship program jobs in Texas, and the state plans to expand this program in the coming years. Through this program, apprentices will receive coaching, credit hours, wage increases, milestone stipends, and more. A recent grant from the Texas Workforce Commission will provide mentorship and learning opportunities for apprentices through Collin College in June 2023.

In 2023, there are currently 1557 registered apprenticeship programs available in Texas. These programs span across various industries such as construction, healthcare, and manufacturing, and are designed to prepare workers for well-paying jobs. Additionally, the state of Texas plans to expand this program in the coming years to provide even more opportunities for apprentices.

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