How Long Must The Lafh Run Before It Is Considered


To properly prepare the Laminar Air Flow Hood (LAFH) for use, the technician should first wipe the interior surfaces with 70% isopropyl alcohol and then operate the hood for at least 15 minutes. The LAFH should remain on 24 hours a day, but if it is turned off for any reason, it should be turned on for at least 30 minutes and thoroughly cleaned before use again. Personnel must pass specific tests before working in the sterile compounding area. Additionally, when the LAFH is turned back on, it should be left running for 30 minutes before use. Working in the clean zone is recommended and the direction of work is best when vertical.

To properly prepare the Laminar Air Flow Hood (LAFH) for use, it is generally recommended to operate the hood for at least 30 minutes. This ensures that the airflow within the hood can effectively remove any possible contaminants, making it safe for use in activities such as sterile compounding. Therefore, the option "30 to 60 minutes is generally considered a safe time to wait" would be the appropriate choice.

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