How Long Has It Been Since The Last Letter From

In "A Wrinkle in Time," Meg is determined to find her missing father who has been gone for five years. She struggles with her genius brother Charles Wallace, who begins to behave strangely after they emerge from the Happy Medium's planet. Meg learns that her father is in danger on a dark planet and sets off to rescue him, aided by Charles Wallace and their friend Calvin. Despite being a misfit and facing challenges, Meg remains determined and strong, showing the power of love and a strong heroine. The disappearance of her father has caused issues for Meg and her family, but she remains hopeful and determined to bring him back.

In "A Wrinkle in Time," it has been five years since the last letter from Meg's father as she embarks on a quest to rescue him from a perilous situation. This extended absence serves as a catalyst for Meg's journey and underscores the depth of her determination and resilience in reuniting with her father.

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