How Long Does It Take To Get Plans Endorsed By

This text outlines the steps and requirements involved in obtaining a planning permit in the Mornington Peninsula Shire. It involves placing a notice on the land, informing surrounding property owners, and submitting an application to the Town Planning department. The process can take up to 3 months and there is a 90-day expiry period for the levy certificate. There is a streamlined process for minor proposals and a cautious reaction to the state government's decision to remove the planning requirement. The change involves the amendment of Schedule 6 and potential updates to regulations. Some exemptions are listed, but changes may still be required during the approval process.

The endorsement timeline for planning permit changes by the Mornington Council can typically take up to 3 months, as per the information available. However, it's essential to directly consult with the Mornington Council regarding the specific timeline for your planning permit changes, as individual cases may vary.

About Planning - Mornington Peninsula ShireChapter 3: Planning permits

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