How Does The Ibid Works On This One Paragraf, "ustav

Ibid. stands for the Latin word ibidem, meaning "in the same place." It is commonly used in academic citations, such as endnotes, footnotes, and bibliographies. If you are referencing the same source but a different page, it is used with a comma and a page number. The 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style discourages its use and instead recommends the use of shortened citations. However, it can still be used in certain circumstances in the Chicago style of referencing.

The use of "Ibid." in academic citations typically refers to the same source cited in the preceding footnote or endnote. In this case, "Ibid." would be used to refer to the same source, "Ustav Republike Srbije," from the website if it has been cited in the immediately preceding footnote or endnote. If you are referencing the same source but a different page within the source, "Ibid." would be used with a comma and the specific page number.

Please note, the use of "Ibid." may vary depending on the preferred citation style, such as Chicago style, so it's important to adhere to the specific guidelines provided by the relevant citation style manual or the institution you are writing for.

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