How Do I Create A Network Share On A Windows

To set up advanced sharing settings in Windows and access a shared network drive, go to Control Panel > Network and sharing center > Advanced sharing settings. Ensure that the user account is set up on both the client workstation and the server machine. Then, right-click the desired folder and open [Properties], navigate to the [Sharing] tab, and click [Advanced Sharing] to create an NFS file share with Server Manager. You will also need to create a user and add them to the appropriate user rights assignments, as well as follow the steps in the Computer Management window to create a new share. Finally, open up 'Windows Explorer' and click on 'This PC', then 'C://', right-click and select 'New -> Folder' to name the folder.

To create a network share on a Windows Server 2019, follow these steps:

  1. Open Server Manager: Launch the Server Manager dashboard.

  2. Navigate to "Shares": From the Server Manager, go to the "Shares" section under "File and Storage Services."

  3. Create a New Share: Click on "Tasks" and then "New Share" to initiate the wizard for creating a new share.

  4. Choose Share Type: Depending on your requirements, select either "SMB Share – Quick" or "SMB Share – Advanced."

  5. Follow the Wizard: Walk through the wizard to select the folder you want to share, set the share name, and configure details such as caching and permissions.

  6. Configure Permissions: Ensure that you configure the appropriate permissions for the users and groups who need access to the shared folder.

  7. Complete the Wizard: Once all the details are configured, complete the wizard to create the network share.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully create a network share on your Windows Server 2019. If you need further help or have more specific requirements, feel free to ask!

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