How Can Incorperate What We Wrote And That Refernce In

The book "Making Sense of Statistics" by Fred Pyrczak and Deborah M. Oh aims to provide a conceptual overview of statistics, focusing on understanding the why and how rather than computations and formulas. It presents each statistical concept in a step-by-step manner and includes exercises for students to apply their learning. The book is suitable for students undertaking their first research and retains its key features and organization. Published by Taylor & Francis, this book is available in paperback and was released in 2018.

In your essay, you can incorporate in-text citations from the referenced material to support specific points and provide evidence for your arguments. Here's an example of how you might include an in-text citation in your essay:

According to Pyrczak and Oh (2018), the selection of a sample allows researchers to draw conclusions about the population based on the characteristics and findings of the sample. This highlights the significance of utilizing sampling methods in research to obtain representative results.

Alternatively, if you want to incorporate multiple concepts from the same reference, you can integrate it as follows:

The process of random sampling is crucial in eliminating bias and ensuring the representativeness of the sample in research studies (Pyrczak & Oh, 2018). The authors emphasize the importance of random sampling, particularly through techniques such as simple random sampling, to provide each member of a population with an equal chance of selection.

Ensure your in-text citations align with the specific ideas you are attributing to the source. If you have further questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask!

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