How Can I Use Siri To Automate My Notes?

The text explains the functionality of the Shortcuts app and how to use it to automate tasks on iOS devices. It also mentions creating custom shortcuts, using Siri to run shortcuts, and using the app to take notes and dictate text. It highlights different methods of activating Siri and triggering shortcuts, including using the Home button or speaking to Siri. The tutorial also discusses using Siri with a text box and running a workflow with dictation.

You can use Siri to automate your notes through the Shortcuts app on your iOS device. By creating custom shortcuts, you can use Siri to run these shortcuts, allowing you to automate tasks such as taking notes and dictating text. You can trigger these shortcuts by using the Home button or simply speaking to Siri. This way, you can streamline the process of taking notes and managing your tasks using Siri's voice commands.

Automate Boring Tasks With Siri Shortcuts | by Valerie | Dare To ...How to take notes with Siri on iPhone and iPad | iMore

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