Help Create Resource Guide For Marijuana

The Evidence-Based Resource Guide provides strategies and tools for preventing youth marijuana use to various audiences, including states, communities, and those working in prevention. It includes exclusive videos on mental health, addiction, and resources for parents and agencies. The guide also contains a bibliography and resource listing for further information, as well as videos from SAMHSA discussing the risks of marijuana use. Other resources include fact sheets and conversation guides for trusted adults, and the 2020 digital edition updates the previously published Drugs of Abuse guide with new information on drug misuse trends.

Based on my search, the Evidence-Based Resource Guide seems like a comprehensive tool to prevent youth marijuana use. It provides strategies, tools, videos on mental health and addiction, as well as valuable resources for parents and agencies. Additionally, it includes fact sheets, conversation guides, and an updated digital edition with new information on drug misuse trends. This resource guide aims to address prevention from various angles and could be a valuable asset for anyone looking for information on this topic.

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