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The majority of participants in a recent study reported high levels of positive compassion satisfaction, with only a small number reporting low levels. Low levels of day-to-day accomplishment can lead to negative self-esteem and low effectiveness at work. A different study found that low, moderate, and high levels of CS, BO, and STS were present. The lack of research on factors influencing ProQOL is concerning, as a poor work environment has been linked to low levels of ProQOL. A nonexperimental study found low and moderate levels of fatigue among nurses. Low ProQoL among nursing students has been linked to increased levels of CS, BO, and STS. Low job satisfaction and poor sleep quality are contributing factors to poor professional quality of life in Chinese nurses. In summary, low levels of burnout, moderate-high levels of compassion satisfaction, and low-moderate levels of compassion fatigue were detected among participants in a recent study.

Recent research indicates that there are concerns regarding the professional quality of life (ProQOL) scores of student nurses. Several studies have revealed low levels of compassion satisfaction (CS), high levels of burnout (BO), and secondary traumatic stress (STS) among nursing students. Additionally, poor work environments, low job satisfaction, and inadequate sleep quality have been associated with lower ProQOL scores in nurses. If you require specific research papers, I can help you find them.

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