Heart Rate Before And After Exercise M=0 F=1 Resting After

This text summarizes various information about heart rate and its differences among genders and age groups. It explains that the average resting heart rate for adult men ranges from 70-72 bpm and for women ranges from 78-82 bpm. During exercise, heart rate tends to increase. A normal resting heart rate is considered to be between 60-100 bpm, with the maximum heart rate varying based on age and gender. Monitoring heart rate can provide insights into heart health and exercise intensity.

Thank you for providing the data. I have noticed that the dataset includes information about the resting heart rates for males and females categorized by gender. Now that we have the specific resting heart rate measurements for males and females, we can proceed with the analysis.

I will start by calculating the mean resting heart rate for males and females using the provided data. After that, I will perform a two-sample t-test to compare the means and determine if there is a significant difference between the average resting heart rates of males and females.

Let's start by calculating the mean resting heart rates for males and females.

Why Knowing Your Normal Resting Heart Rate Is Important to Your HealthWhat is a normal heart rate for a young adult in their between age ...

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