Harvard New Directions In Black Power Studies Aaas 212a.

The following texts discuss various aspects of African American history, literature, and studies. The first text mentions a workshop that will bring together historians and social scientists to discuss American history. The second text describes a course that aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students with an understanding of core topics in Black art. The third text introduces a course that focuses on African and African American literature and entrepreneurship. The fourth text mentions a conference that will gather new generation historians to discuss fresh perspectives on American and African history. The fifth text mentions a conference on new directions in Virginia history, which includes a paper on African American history. The sixth text discusses the creation of an African and African American Studies department at Harvard University. The seventh text mentions a series that publishes work on African American philosophy and experiences. Lastly, the eighth text explores the debate surrounding public school choice and its effects on the African American community. Overall, these texts highlight the importance of recognizing and studying African American history, literature, and studies.

I wasn't able to find the specific curriculum outline for the course "New Directions in Black Power Studies" (AAAS 212A) at Harvard. I recommend contacting the Harvard African and African American Studies department directly for the most accurate and up-to-date curriculum information.

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