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The cost for repairing a damaged BMW can be very high, with labor being a significant contributor. Specific repair costs can vary, such as painting a damaged door or strip above the car pillars. A motorcycle windshield for a BMW model can cost around $22,000, while the grills and grille replacement can cost $10,000 with a combination of parts and labor. Buyers can find salvaged and wrecked BMW motorcycles at great prices. Original BMW motorcycle parts purchased from a dealer come with a warranty that covers repair costs for up to five years. BMW also offers an optional warranty extension that covers defect-related repairs for up to five years.

Based on the search results, a suitable title for your video could be: "The High Cost of Repairing My $42,000 2023 BMW M1000RR After a Crash". This title encapsulates the main focus of your video and highlights the significant expense associated with repairing the damaged body parts of your valuable BMW M1000RR after its unfortunate mishap.

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