Give Me The Same Table For B52 Vs Tupilev

The B-52 and Tu-95 are two long-lasting aircraft in the world of aviation. The B-52 boasts a higher speed limit of 650 mph and a range of 8,800 miles, while the Tu-95 has a speed limit of 575 mph and a range of 9,400 miles. The two planes have different propulsion systems, with the B-52 using turbofan engines and the Tu-95 utilizing turboprop engines. Despite differing opinions, the B-52 is generally considered the better aircraft due to its superior performance and technological advancements. Various sources and comparisons have confirmed that the B-52 is more fuel-efficient, quieter, and more advanced than the Tu-95. These two iconic bombers continue to be the center of debates and discussions in the aviation world, with many questioning which one is truly the better aircraft.

Here's the comparison table for B-52 and Tu-95 airplanes:

| Feature | B-52 | Tu-95 | |-------------|-----------------|-----------------| | Type | Heavy bomber | Strategic bomber| | Speed | 650 mph | 575 mph | | Range | 8,800 miles | 9,400 miles | | Propulsion | Turbofan engines| Turboprop engines| | Technology | Advanced | Efficient | | Fuel Efficiency| High | Lower | | Noise | Quieter | Louder | | Role | Versatile | Strategic |

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