Give Me The Comparison Between The Su Airplane And Mig

The text discusses the differences between two types of fighter planes, the Su-30 and the MiG-29. The Su-30 is a heavy, long-range fighter while the MiG-29 is a light, short-range fighter. The Su-35, a higher-end platform, is better equipped to face elite fighters like the F-22 Raptors, while the MiG-35 is designed for fast responses and close proximity to the frontline. These Russian fighter planes are different in terms of speed, range, and the technology used, with the Su-27 being faster and having more missiles compared to the MiG-29. While the MiG-29 is better at higher altitudes, the Su-27 is more agile at lower altitudes. Both planes are known for their robustness and simplicity, but the Su-30 and Su-27 are heavier compared to the MiG series of fighters.

Here's the comparison table for Su and Mig airplanes:

| Feature | Su | Mig | |-------------|------------------|-----------------| | Type | Heavy, long-range| Light, short-range| | Primary Role| Air superiority | Tactical fighter | | Speed | Faster | Slower | | Range | Longer | Shorter | | Agility | Less agile at low altitudes | More agile at low altitudes | | Technology | Advanced | Basic | | Size | Heavier | Lighter | | Missiles | More | Less |

If you need further details or have any other specific criteria in mind, feel free to ask!

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