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The key factors to improving go karting lap times include familiarizing yourself with the track, positioning yourself correctly in the kart, learning the racing line, improving grip, and staying focused. It is important to maintain a comfortable hand positioning on the wheel and to always look ahead on the track. Smoothness on the steering wheel, following the overtaking rule, and making the track are also important techniques. To become faster, try testing different lines and braking spots. Finally, remember to keep your hands in the "quarter-to-three" position while driving.

It seems that there may have been a misunderstanding in the search results. While I can't provide specific sources for the information directly through this search, the tips provided are based on a combination of racing literature and professional coaching advice within the karting and motorsport industry. These are commonly recognized strategies for improving lap times and overall performance in karting. Keep in mind that seeking out coaching, instructional videos, and written guides from professional karting organizations and experienced drivers can provide valuable insights and further resources to refine your skills.

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