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In this study, the researchers aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of social media pages for tourist spots in Davao de Oro in terms of improving customer satisfaction. They also examined the connection between online content and tourist behavior, particularly in relation to Davao's unique natural attractions and exciting activities. The use of social media in promoting tourism is becoming more prevalent, especially with the help of social influencers. Additionally, small businesses are also utilizing social media as a means of marketing and engaging with customers. The study specifically looked at the job satisfaction of hospitality employees in DOT accredited hotels.

The importance of studying the role of social media influencers in promoting tourism attractions in Davao Del Norte lies in understanding the impact and effectiveness of online platforms in enhancing customer satisfaction and visitor behavior. Furthermore, such research sheds light on the increasing significance of social media and influencers in marketing and engaging with customers, particularly for small businesses and hotels accredited by the Department of Tourism.

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