Give An Example Diagram

This text outlines various ways to create and use pattern repeats in collections. It discusses different styles and how they can be created in Adobe Illustrator. Some tips for creating successful patterns are also mentioned, such as using neutral shades and testing color combinations. Additionally, the concept of a complementary pattern is explained and how it can be used in the complement cascade. The text also mentions the use of diagrams to demonstrate different repeats and the importance of careful planning and organization in creating pattern collections.

It seems that the search didn't return a specific diagram for the complement repeat pattern. However, I can provide a verbal description:

In the context of DNA, if we have a sequence like "ATGC," the complementary repeat sequence would be "GCAT," where each nucleotide is replaced by its complementary nucleotide (A with T, T with A, G with C, and C with G).

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