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Summary: ABA session notes are detailed documents written by Registered Behavior professionals to track the progress of individuals receiving ABA therapy. The notes follow specific templates and techniques and may include supervision notes for BCBAs. Specific information like training and supervision is also documented for accuracy. A sample supervision contract is given as an example to show the obligations of the relationship between a supervisor and a trainee.

I will provide a BCBA supervised RBT session note template based on standard practice.

BCBA Supervised RBT Session Note

Date: [Date of Session] BCBA: [BCBA's Name] RBT: [RBT's Name] Session Type: BCBA Supervised RBT Session

Session Notes: Today's session was actively overseen by [BCBA's Name], ensuring the correct implementation and fidelity of procedures by providing ongoing guidance and direction to the RBT. The session included a comprehensive review and adjustments to instructional materials and/or instructional activities. Collaboratively, the BCBA and the RBT assessed the effectiveness of current instructional materials and activities, making necessary adjustments to enhance their relevance, appropriateness, and alignment with the client's learning needs and preferences.

Additionally, the session involved a review and adjustments to observation and measurement procedures. The BCBA worked with the RBT to refine observation and measurement techniques to ensure the accurate and reliable collection of data for tracking client progress and evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention plan.

This session note aims to capture the active direction provided to the RBT and the significant review and adjustments made to instructional materials, instructional activities, observation, and measurement procedures during the BCBA supervised session.

Please feel free to customize this session note with specific details and participant names. If you have any other requests or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out!

RBT Session NotesBCBA Supervision Notes Template | Digital Word Download | Customizable  template to suit your style of supervision note-taking!

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