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The text discusses the newly announced M3-powered 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros by Apple and how they compare to their M2 predecessors. The results show that the M3 is comparable to the M2 Pro in terms of single and multi-core performance, but the M3 Pro is an improvement. The M3 family is also 15-30% faster for performance cores compared to the M2 and M1. Furthermore, the M3 chips are 3nm architecture and offer faster rendering speeds. Customers may consider purchasing a used M2 Pro or a new M3 depending on budget and preferences. The M3 MacBook Pro is slightly heavier but shares the same slimness as the M2 MacBook Pro. One main difference between the M3 and M2 MacBook Pros is their CPU and GPU performance due to the 3nm architecture of the M3 chips.

For those pursuing tech-related majors, a current and robust computer capable of effortlessly running software like Adobe, Final Cut, DaVinci, or Pro Tools is crucial. The M3 MacBook Pro is tailored to ensure that you can concentrate on your tasks without being hampered by lag or buffering. Additionally, B&H is showcasing deals on the M2 MacBook Pro, which still offers more than enough power to handle your work effectively.

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