Find Sources On Gender Studies In Great Gatsby And Provide

The text snippets discuss the portrayal of gender roles in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, and how it reflects society in the 1920s. Fitzgerald highlights the way women are treated as possessions and objects to please men, and the sexism and double standards that exist between the sexes. It also mentions the evolution of feminist studies into gender studies and the importance of defining key terms before conducting research. The focus is on analyzing patriarchy and redefining society and culture through gender relations. The novel's characters, particularly women, actively challenge traditional gender roles and attempt to bring about change.

I've found some sources discussing gender studies in "The Great Gatsby." Here are a few links where you might find relevant information:

  1. Gender and the Role of Women in The Great Gatsby

  2. Feminist Criticism and The Great Gatsby

  3. Gender Relations in The Great Gatsby: A Critical Analysis

These sources should provide you with valuable insights into the gender studies aspect of "The Great Gatsby."

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