Find Research From 2020 About Violent Neighborhoods And Academic Performance

Research has shown that exposure to violence in the community can have negative effects on children's academic achievement. However, previous studies have mostly focused on either small or large geographical scales, and there is a lack of research using both at the same time. Additionally, the methods used to measure exposure to violence in communities have been limited. This January 2020 study looked at the relationship between neighborhood violence and academic performance, using geospatial analysis strategies. The study found that there is a link between children's proximity to violence and their behavior in the classroom. The study also looked at the role of resources and violent crime in neighborhoods surrounding schools, and found that there are positive associations between neighborhood violence and school violence. Interestingly, the study also found that violence can have spillover effects, leading to out-migration from violence-affected areas and influencing students' peer groups. Finally, recent research has uncovered that a high percentage of children in Washington D.C. have been either a victim of, or witness to, neighborhood violence, and this type of exposure can have negative impacts on their educational attainment.

A study from January 2020 examined the impact of violent neighborhoods on the academic performance of youth. It utilized geospatial analysis strategies and found a clear link between children's proximity to violence and their behavior in the classroom. The study also explored the association between neighborhood violence and school violence, as well as the spillover effects of violence on students' peer groups and out-migration from affected areas. Moreover, recent research in Washington D.C. has highlighted the prevalence of children being exposed to neighborhood violence and its adverse effects on their educational attainment.

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