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In 2022, Nestlé presents their annual financial report highlighting their key figures and strategy, as well as their commitment to creating shared value. The preparation of their consolidated financial statements required management to make estimates and assumptions. Nestlé's share buyback program contributed to a 1.8% increase in underlying earnings per share. They also applied the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures framework to assess physical risks in their value chain. The Company's income tax expense decreased due to a decrease in prior years' taxes and non-deductible amortization.

Based on the available information, the 2022 Nestlé annual financial report reveals various key figures, including a 1.8% increase in underlying earnings per share attributed in part to the share buyback program. Additionally, the report mentions a decrease in the company's income tax expense due to a reduction in prior years' taxes and non-deductible amortization.

For a comprehensive understanding of specific staffing changes and related costs within Nestlé, it is advised to directly access their complete financial reports, which are publicly available. These reports offer in-depth insights into workforce-related expenditure, restructuring costs, and other financial metrics pertaining to human resources and staffing within the organization.

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