Fairway Mats在高尔夫里是啥意思

Markdown Summary: The article discusses the use of fairway mats during the colder months, with some clubs enforcing their use and implementing sanctions for non-compliance. The suggested local rule states that mats must be used on fairways or tees when an iron is being used. Verde Fairway Mats aim to protect the fairway and reduce maintenance costs. Different driving ranges have varying hitting surfaces, some with grass and some with mats. Overall, a well-struck shot should not have much difference between a mat and a fairway.

在高尔夫中,fairway mats指的是在球道上使用的打击垫,通常在寒冷的季节或球场维护需要时使用。有些高尔夫俱乐部会强制规定在使用铁杆时,必须在球道或发球台上使用这种垫子,否则会受到处罚。Verde Fairway Mats旨在保护球道,并降低维护成本。不同的练习场地可能有不同的打击表面,有些是草地,有些是垫子。总的来说,一个被击中良好的球应该在垫子和球道上没有太大区别。

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