Expliquer Solution Rendue Par La Cour De Cassation Chambre Sociale

On November 24th, 2021, the Cour de Cassation, the highest judicial court in France, heard case number 19-26.064 in the social chamber. The president acting as the leader rendered decision number 1316 F-D on case number S 19-20.400. The Republic of France made a ruling on the case, published in the official bulletin. The Cour de Cassation, social chamber, ruled on case number 20-20.962, which was released in the bulletin. Case number 21-81.344 was taken up by the criminal chamber of the Cour de Cassation and published in the bulletin with the ECLI reference number CR01269. [S] [V], based at [Address 2], filed an appeal on case number S 21-24.226 against the ruling made by the Rennes Court of Appeals on September 16th, 2021. In response, the Cour de Cassation issued a decision on the case. Specifically, the third civil chamber heard case number 22-21.409 on December 7th and ruled that only the appointed liquidator has the authority to raise a plea of lack of admissibility.

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Les informations que j'ai pu trouver concernant l'arrêt de la Cour de cassation chambre sociale du 24 novembre 2011 pour le pourvoi n°19-26.064 ne donnent pas de détails spécifiques sur la solution rendue dans cette affaire. Pour obtenir des informations précises sur la solution rendue dans cet arrêt, je vous recommande de consulter directement les sources juridiques pertinentes ou de contacter un professionnel du droit.

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