Explanation (how How Kit’s Identity Was In The Beginning)

In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Kit Tyler's character undergoes a transformation from impulsive and emotionally-driven to mature and self-aware. As she matures, she begins to reflect on her actions and think about consequences. This transformation is ultimately resolved when she feels a sense of belonging in the Wood family, overcoming her initial identity as the granddaughter of an aristocrat from Barbados. The resolution of this conflict is a major theme in the book, and is exemplified when Kit is appalled by the labor her aunt's family is subjected to, a stark contrast to her privileged upbringing. Throughout the novel, Kit's impulsive nature is shown through acts of bravery, highlighting her character development.

At the beginning of the story in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond", Kit Tyler's identity is that of a young woman from a wealthy background. Hailing from Barbados, she struggles with the cultural differences and societal expectations in the Puritan community of Connecticut. In the initial phase, Kit's character is impulsive and emotionally-driven, finding it challenging to adapt to the conservative and strict environment of her new home. Her aristocratic upbringing clashes with the labor and simplicity she encounters in the Wood family household. Over time, her character develops as she starts reflecting on her actions and the consequences of her behavior, ultimately transforming into a more mature and self-aware individual. This transition is a central theme in the novel and is evident as Kit begins to feel a sense of belonging within the Wood family, surpassing her initial identity as the granddaughter of an aristocrat from Barbados. Throughout the narrative, the contrast between Kit's privileged upbringing and the laborious lifestyle of her aunt's family highlights her transformation and the conflicts she faces.

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