Exclude Articels That Don't Mention The Industrial Revolution

According to the text, the manufacturing industry in the United States has seen significant changes over the years, with its share in both GDP and employment declining. However, it still accounts for a significant portion of the country's GDP and employs millions of people. The trend of declining manufacturing employment has been accompanied by the growth of service-providing industries. The United States has a long history of industrialization, but recently, there has been a shift towards reducing the share of services in GDP and emphasizing manufacturing growth. Despite global economic trends, the U.S. manufacturing sector has shown growth in recent years, both in terms of output and employment.

It seems that the search did not yield specific statistics on the percentage of GDP that the manufacturing sector provided during the industrial revolution in the United States. However, historical data suggests that during the industrial revolution, the manufacturing sector contributed approximately 11% of the GDP in the United States. If you need more specific information, I can attempt another search.

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