Est The Hypothesis That There Are Associations Between The Following

The text discusses various calculators and online tools available for performing chi-square tests. These tools compare observed and expected frequencies in different categories, such as in contingency tables or when testing for association between categorical variables. They also allow for the input of sample data and the selection of expected frequencies or probabilities. Additionally, there are tools for manual calculation of chi-square distributions and determining p-values. Some tools have limitations on the number of categories or rows and columns, while others can handle larger tables. All of these tools aid in determining if there is a significant difference between groups, based on the chi-square test.

Since I don't have access to the specific dataset and its underlying structure, I recommend using a statistical software package like R, Python (with libraries such as SciPy or StatsModels), or SPSS to perform chi-squared tests for the associations between the mentioned sets of categorical variables. These tools can help you carry out the necessary statistical procedures and correctly report the findings according to the relevant module learning materials.

Let me know if you need further assistance with conducting the chi-squared tests or interpreting the results.

Chi Square-Test online Calculator - DATAtabChi Square Test in Excel - Step by Step with Examples

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