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The organization in living organisms refers to the structural arrangement and hierarchical order that allows for efficient functioning and coordination. At the cellular level, this includes the organization of organelles within a cell and the various types of cells working together to form tissues, which then form organs. At a higher level, this involves the coordination of organs into organ systems, such as the digestive system or the respiratory system. This hierarchical organization ensures that different parts of the organism work together to maintain life.

Metabolism encompasses all the chemical reactions that occur within an organism to maintain life. These reactions include breaking down food to release energy for cellular processes (catabolism) and building complex molecules necessary for growth and repair (anabolism). Metabolism involves various pathways and enzymes that facilitate these reactions, ensuring the proper functioning of the organism.

Nutrition involves the intake and utilization of nutrients necessary for energy production and various physiological processes. It includes the process of obtaining and processing food, extracting essential nutrients, and using them for metabolism, growth, and maintenance of bodily functions.

Biological maturation signifies the process of development and growth leading to the attainment of physical and reproductive maturity. This process involves various stages such as puberty, characterized by hormonal changes and the development of secondary sexual characteristics, ultimately leading to the ability to reproduce.

Inheritance involves the transmission of genetic information from parents to offspring, shaping traits, characteristics, and genetic predispositions across generations.

Ageing is a complex and natural process involving a gradual decline in physiological functions and cellular processes over time, resulting in physical, cognitive, and molecular changes that ultimately lead to the aging of the organism.

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