En Una Noche Serena Y Clara, Nace El Niño En

In the collection of poems about Jesus' birth, the common themes include the manger, the birth bringing joy, and the miraculous nature of the event. The poems also touch on the idea of spreading the news of Jesus' birth and living a victorious and free life because of it. Some poems mention the gifts brought by the wise men and the humble nature of Jesus' birth. The overall tone is one of celebration and reverence for the miraculous birth of Jesus.

In the light of a clear, starry night, A savior was born, pure and bright. In a humble manger, he lay, Bringing hope and joy on that wondrous day.

Wise men traveled from afar, Guided by the radiant shining star. Their gifts of love and faith they brought, Honoring the child they devoutly sought.

Angels sang in heavenly voice, Announcing the blessed birth, a cause to rejoice. For unto us a child is given, To lead us from earth to heaven.

So let us celebrate this gift divine, The birth of Jesus, whose love will forever shine.

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