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Aegislash is a powerful Steel/Ghost type Pokémon with two different forms, Shield Forme and Blade Forme. It is a melee all-rounder that evolves from Honedge at level 5. It has the ability to manipulate others with its potent spectral powers and has been known to force people and Pokémon to build a kingdom to its liking. Aegislash is a specialized utility Pokémon that can change forms depending on the move it uses. It should not be built around but can be a valuable addition to teams that require its unique abilities. Its attack, Max Steelspike, doubles in power when the user is poisoned, burned, or paralyzed. It can be obtained through a Unite License and evolves from Doublade using a Dusk Stone. Its body resembles a golden sword with a white, serrated edge. Aegislash has the ability Stance Change, which allows it to change forms, and is resistant to certain types of attacks.

Voici une image d'Aegislash, le Pokémon qui ressemble à une chaise selon vos critères. Aegislash est un Pokémon de type Acier/Fantôme avec deux formes distinctes, Forme Bouclier et Forme Lame. Il est un combattant polyvalent qui évolue à partir d'Honedge au niveau 35. Sa capacité à manipuler les autres avec ses puissants pouvoirs spectraux en fait un Pokémon unique.

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