Dove Selfie | Redefining Beauty One Photo At A Time

The text talks about Dove's recent social media campaign, where high school girls and their mothers are encouraged to take "honest selfies" and redefine beauty. In line with their mission to promote body confidence and self-esteem, Dove's new documentary "Selfie" highlights the journey of these girls and their mothers as they create a new type of selfie that celebrates their unique beauty. The campaign promotes the #NoDigitalDistortion pledge and aims to challenge society's unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by social media.

The "Dove Selfie" initiative involves various campaigns and activities by Dove to redefine beauty standards and promote self-esteem. These efforts include a social media campaign encouraging honest selfies, a pledge against digital distortion, a short film challenging traditional selfie culture, and a documentary exploring the impact of societal beauty standards on women. The goal is to build body confidence and resilience in young people, particularly girls, who are often influenced by unrealistic beauty standards on social media.

Dove Selfie | Redefining Beauty One Photo At A TimeDove Selfie Trailer | Redefining Beauty One Photo At A Time

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