Donne Moi Une Longue Liste Des Restaurants Halal Ou Musulamns

This text discusses various halal restaurants in Strasbourg, including some suggestions for top-rated restaurants and a list of professionals. It also includes a mention of a fast food chain, Eden Food, and its authenticity in terms of halal certification. Some specific restaurants mentioned include Habibi Strasbourg, Le Jasmin, Les Dunes d'Or, and A l'Orientale Couscous. It also mentions the existence of a list of 100% halal restaurants, including Quick, in the area. Overall, the text seems to be a guide for finding halal food options in Strasbourg.

Selon mes recherches, voici quelques restaurants halal ou musulmans à Strasbourg :

  1. Habibi Strasbourg
  2. Le Jasmin
  3. Les Dunes d'Or
  4. A l'Orientale Couscous

N'oubliez pas de toujours vérifier l'authenticité des certifications halal et de contacter directement les restaurants pour toute information complémentaire.

The 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Strasbourg (Updated 2023)The 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Strasbourg (Updated 2023)

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