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The text is discussing the market capitalization and market value of IBM as of December 2023. IBM's current market cap is $147.37B, and its market value is $146.6B. Its market cap has increased by 9.66% in one year. The company's current market cap of $147.89B has been calculated using the latest stock price and the number of outstanding shares. IBM's market cap is larger than its peers in the Information Technology sector. The market cap figures for October 23rd, 2023 are $124.53B, October 20th, 2023 are $125.24B, and October 19th, 2023 are $125.24B. On December 5th, 2023, IBM's shares were priced at $161.39, and the company's market cap was $4,555,608, with a one-to-one ratio at $160.76. The article also mentions the tools used to analyze IBM's stock performance, including Williams % R, Mass Index, Ultimate Oscillator, and Volume Rate of Change.

As of December 2023, IBM's market value is approximately $146.6 billion. This figure reflects the company's prominent standing in the technology sector and its enduring market relevance.

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