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Karen Fletcher states that the main character in the movie, Kevin, has dissociative identity disorder, which arises from repressed childhood trauma. The film "Split" sheds light on this mental disorder, but is not an accurate representation of it. Kevin is shown to have multiple identities due to a traumatic experience. The movie criticizes the way society perceives and treats individuals with mental disorders. According to Dr. Fletcher's files in the movie, Kevin's most disturbing personality is Dennis, who is cold and temperamental. Through this film, the researcher explores the negative effects of a poor psychological relationship between the main character and his community, highlighting the struggles of living with dissociative identity disorder.

In the movie "Split," several psychological concepts are demonstrated, providing a rich ground for analyzing various aspects related to mental health. Some of the concepts and how they are depicted in the movie are as follows:

  1. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) - From a psychological standpoint, DID is a complex psychological condition characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identity states, which may have different behaviors, memories, and attitudes. In the movie, the main character, Kevin, displays several distinct personalities, demonstrating the manifestation of DID.
  2. Trauma - Trauma, especially childhood trauma, is depicted as a significant factor in the development of DID in the movie. The film explores the impact of trauma on the individual's psychological well-being and its role in the development of multiple identities.
  3. Stereotypes - The movie delves into the concept of stereotypes by challenging the typical portrayal of individuals with mental disorders. Rather than presenting a nuanced and sensitive portrayal, the film has been critiqued for perpetuating misconceptions and sensationalizing the condition.
  4. Prejudice - The character of Kevin is subjected to prejudice and discrimination due to his mental condition. The film highlights the societal stigma and mistreatment faced by individuals with mental health issues, thus showcasing the concept of prejudice in the context of psychological disorders.

Regarding sources for supporting the discussion on prejudice and discrimination, academic papers or articles addressing the stigma and prejudice faced by individuals with mental health conditions can be valuable resources. These sources will provide insights into the societal challenges and prejudices that people with mental disorders often encounter, aligning with the thematic elements observed in the movie "Split." If you need further support or information, feel free to ask!

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