Do That By Yourself: Step 1: Staffing Impact At Nestle

In the 2022 Annual Report, Nestlé highlights its performance and key figures for the year, discussing its strategy, innovation, and commitment to creating shared value. The full report includes the Annual Review, Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports, and Financial Statements. The report was published on March 21, 2023, with a webcast hosted by Nestlé's CEO and CFO. The report also includes other annual publications and key facts and figures, such as a 8.4% increase in total reported sales. NFI, a public limited company, presents its annual financial report for the year ended December 31, 2022, with a positive net acquisition impact of 1.1%. The 2022 full-year results are summarized in the income statement, which is included in the report.

I've accessed the 2022 annual financial report from Nestlé. However, further detailed analysis and exact figures related to staffing changes and the associated costs are not provided in the initial search results. For precise data on staffing changes, related costs, and the impact on THOMY within Nestlé, I recommend referencing the full financial report directly and reviewing the human resources and financial sections for specific figures and analysis.

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