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The Oman Facility Management Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.52% over the next 5 years [1]. Some of the leading companies in this market include Qurum Business Group, Bahwan Engineering Group, and Al Naba Services [1].

In order to provide basic knowledge about Oman and an overview of its economy, the Doing Business with Oman Guide was created [2].

Oman's National Strategy Framework for the ICT sector highlights the weaknesses in the market such as the small size of the local market and limited execution of strategy, and suggests solutions for improvement [3].

In terms of entering the market, the United States and Oman have a free trade agreement in place since 2009, making it easier for US companies to enter the Omani market [4]. The agreement eliminates tariffs and other barriers to trade and investment between the two countries [4]. There are generally five approaches to market entry for US companies in Oman [5]:

  • Filling orders from domestic buyers who then export the product
  • Seeking out domestic buyers who might be interested in importing US products
  • Entering into a joint venture with an Omani company
  • Acquiring a local company in Oman
  • Establishing a physical presence in

It seems that the available information about the timeliness of entry to the market for co-working spaces in Oman is limited. However, based on the existing market conditions and the economic environment in Oman, there are potential opportunities for the establishment of co-working spaces.

Oman is progressively focusing on economic diversification and fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation. The ICT sector has been identified as an area for growth and development, which could influence the demand for co-working spaces as technology and knowledge-based businesses expand.

The free trade agreement between the United States and Oman may present opportunities for international companies, including those in the co-working industry, to consider entering the Omani market. Additionally, collaborative approaches such as joint ventures or partnerships with local businesses could be beneficial for entering the market effectively.

In summary, while direct information specifically related to the timeliness of entry to the co-working space market in Oman is limited, the evolving economic landscape and strategic trade agreements may provide an opportune environment for timely entry and growth of co-working spaces in the country.

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